Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Too cool for our own party. . .

Today, things are better. We enjoyed the street market, as you can see from Gene's posting below. Everyone here is so. . . unique.

I miss my crew from Smith, Currie, & Hancock, and got to catch up with them today, which felt wonderful. Elysha, a partner for whom I work, is going to help us figure out this warranty stuff. I don't even care if we can't recover the $ (or scratch, as Gene calls it). I feel better just knowing that someone is on our side, advocating on our behalf, and that there is something that can be done about the situation. Helpless is not a comfortable feeling. Luckily, I don't feel it often.

I forgot to mention that Gene's friend Jeremy, who lives out here, threw a super nice BBQ party on Monday of last week in our honor, to welcome us to town. Isn't that nice? Unfortunately, Gene and I didn't get to attend it. Jeremy had called Gene in advance to let him know about it, and emailed him as well, but Gene didn't check his email or personal voicemail for days, apparently. So, we didn't get the messages, and didn't find out about our own party until after the fact.

We heard it was a great time, and that there was a great turnout. (Thanks Jeremy, and again, sorry!)

A bit beyond "fashionably late," we showed up at Jeremy's house 24 hours later and had our own little party. We had leftover kabobs, and they were delicious. It was a small party, just us three, but still a good time. Jeremy just bought a house on the northeast side of town, and it is a very cute place.

Wednesday night we saw Batman at the IMAX, and it was GREAT! If you haven't seen it, you should. We went with a few people, including the guy who lives in the small guest house on our property, and who will be a first year law student at L & C. His name is Chris Wisdom (good name for a future lawyer, eh? maybe the next Judge Learned Hand?), and he is super nice, which is good considering we are sharing our space with him. We had everyone over for dinner, too, and I made poached salmon with a dill hollandaise sauce, fresh broccoli , and pasta with fresh tomatoes. Salmon is everyone here. . . they sell it on the side of the road, sort of like peaches or watermelon in north Florida/south Georgia. I haven't bought salmon from a roadside vendor yet, though, but I'll be sure to post when I do and let you know how it goes.

Thursday night we went to a large outdoor art festival downtown with Jeremy and a couple of his friends. Gene and I really had to work hard to impress Jeremy's friends in light of our first impression, described above. They were all super nice, although we did get teased a lot, deservingly. (Oh, and the art festival on Thursday night wasn't the same one that Gene posted about, this is another thing. There really is a ton of stuff to do here.) We ate dinner downtown at a brewery. It was a great time.

On Friday night, I was pooped but Gene went to a BBQ at Jeremy's coworkers' house. They set up a movie screen on the side of the house and watched Talladega Nights. Gene said it was a blast. We laid low for the weekend, running errands, getting the house together, and attending that festival Gene described below.

So, sans my complaints about the warranty, that has been our past week here. I will take some video of the inside of the house once we are unpacked, and post it. Right now, it still sort of looks like a bomb exploded in some rooms. We still have a couple of weeks to get things together, before I start school.

Hope all is well with you, thanks for reading, and take care,

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LegalTEAS said...

Hey! I worked for Smith, Currie & Hancock in their Atlanta office from 1999 to 2006. I remember when they were recruiting Elysha, everyone was very impressed! Glad you liked SCH. I miss then too sometimes!