Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old Town Street Market

Well, we are getting into the swing of all things Portland....or rather Stumptown as it is also known. We meandered downtown to a clothing exchange company and Lisa bought two pair of pants (which she looks great in!!) and we decided to hit up A Bite of Oregon to see what was going down. When we finally found parking we saw this other group of tents that we assumed it was an Anti-Bite of Oregon hoot nanny. So we made our way that way instead and wandered through the isles of all sorts of neat stuff. I got a crepe to eat and Lisa got a Marionberry smoothie. That fruit is big here. So anyway, the market had sketch artist, soaps, musical instruments, and even plaster head casts so you'll always be able to see how you looked when you attended the Old Town Street Market. We were crossing the street when this guy pops out from no where. I'm not sure if he dressed like that to make money. I didn't see him get any and I didn't give him any. He was nice enough though.
Jimi Hendrix still cashing in

And this lady walked across the street too.

Lady with basket on head

We had a fun day.

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