Monday, November 10, 2008

Some people...

I went downtown last night to this lounge called Life of Riley.  Parking was, as usual, bad.  I finally found a spot a few blocks down on 10th Ave.  While walking to the bar I came to a 4 way intersection that I had to cross.  The trolley pulls up and drops off 3 peeps who are obviously mid-drunk.  I stand on the other side of the street, wait for the light to change.  These three don't bother, they proceed to the edge of the sidewalk, get honked at, and then decide to stand in the street, just not in the middle of the street.  As cars, trucks, and taxis pass they honk, and the 3 curse them and their driving skills.  They do all of this while just behind them and about 4 feet above them I can see the pedestrian signal (the red hand) saying, "HEY, don't walk dummy."  This turns into a trainwreck in slow motion and they decide it is best to cross the street rather than waiting for the light to change to give them the right of way.  Traffic is not flowing in both lanes, but that doesn't deter our crusaders from bringing traffic to a complete both lanes...  As they get to my side of the street I hear one of them say, "People here need to ******* learn to drive."
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