Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today was the big day!!!

Well today was the big day for our big girl! She woke up bright and early and got dressed and immediately began working on her coursework, before the school year even starts! Then she finds out she was studying the wrong thing...... but she quickly gets back on track and has her work done for class. She stops by our home office room, where I usually frequent, and we wax philisophical about her coursework for a few minutes. I know she is going to rock the socks off that professor, whoever he/she may be. I decided to drop her off at the school since I had time and she asked nicely. She made me park in the back of the parking lot so none of her friends could see me. I tried to bring a camera to the school, but was quickly shut down before even leaving the house. We settled on a compromise of a "leaving the house" shot. I guess that will have to do.

Lisa's First Day of Class


Anonymous said...

Did any other kids sit with her at lunch?


Adina said...

congrats on the big day...I see you wore the big shades to mark the occasion...nice.

ps. LOL I just used ps on comment...anyway back to the ps. itself...I love me some big shades!

Amanda said...

You look so skinny!!!