Sunday, August 17, 2008

Little Lisa getting ready for big boy school

As promised, here are the couple of shots I took from the law school.

We have been quite active lately, we went up to the Pittock Mansion which is close to downtown, but on a hill, which gives a great view of the city. They had their first ever free open house (it usually costs $7 to get in) so we grabbed some snacks and went up to the house to eat them on the front lawn. It was a beautiful mansion, but not overly obnoxious. The bedrooms were relatively small for mansion-size. They had a library, smoking room, reading room, a room for just about every activity.

Yesterday I went out with my friend Jeremy and his girlfriend to a sandbar that has snow runoff from a mountain. We swam across to the other side where there was a tree we could climb up and jump off from. I came down on the bottom of my feet pretty hard, but it didn't hurt for long. I brought Frampton and he had a blast swimming in the water and running after the frisbee. We hiked about 45 minutes back to our car and when I got home we made Mahi Mahi. It was soooo good I had to take a photo.

Today we are going to Tryon Park so hear the Symphony play. We are taking the dogs so we'll see how that works out...

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