Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This move, sponsored by HP

Well, we're still packing and getting utilities turned on and off. The company I worked for turned over their inventory of computers earlier this year. I decided to keep the boxes and I think it was a good move. I will make a confession upfront. I am an addict... My crack? Boxes... Everyone has a vice, mine is boxes. I CAN'T throw them away. Over the years I have had attics full of boxes and currently at work I have a whole room dedicated to boxes, floor to ceiling. I get this from my mother, who has vices of her own, and we want go into them on this blog, but I'll say this, I can probably find clothes from every year of my life in my parent's house. So anyways, I've got about 60 boxes from HP that are really coming in handy. We bought some special boxes to pack the China and other flatware and they were very expensive (for me at least). I'm used to getting free boxes when you order something online so to have to pay $$ for them is crazy to me.
We got our house rented out this past weekend in what can only be called a classic Miller move (by the skin of our teeth). The family is a cute 3-piece and seem nice. I hope things turn out well for both of us.

We are using a moving service called ABF. They are similar to PODS, but offer the ability to use more room if needed. If you fill up a POD, you can't strap the rest to the roof.

**UPDATE** The trailer has been dropped off. It is brand new!

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