Saturday, July 26, 2008

Passing out in La Veta, CO

Time seems to be short these days and that combined with finding places to stay as we go along on this trip have been keeping us from updating the pass couple of days.

We got on the road from Springfield MO and went down the road to walk the dogs in Sequiota State Park. There was a cave we walked into, but it didn't go in very far. If you've ever seen the movie 'The Decent' you wouldn't want to EVER be in a cave.

We took the dogs on a walk down a paved trail afterwards and there was this huge worm creature that fell out of a tree. I've never seen such a creature, but it seemed to be mad at Lisa and tried to chase her down. Fortunately, having 2 feet to move around with combined with being 100s of times larger will always trump being less than 1 foot long.

On our trip from MO to KS we went through all these small town, and ran across this strange place around Greenburg, KS. The pictures will speak for themselves. What is more odd, was the fact that the town seemed to be deserted. We walked up and down a few streets and never saw a person or a car with a person in it.

The complete set of photos from these signs can be found here.

We stayed in Dodge City Kansas last night at a B&B and had a blast. We checked in a were told to have dinner at a place called Central Station. It was a pretty good meal and even though the waitress dumped my whole glass of water on my leg, I enjoyed it. Out eating area was modeled like a train car.They had their annual festival called Dodge City Days which included a gun fight as well as a replica street of what was the main area in 1800s Dodge City. They had a museum that looked a little clunky on the outside, but turned out to be really nice and had a lot of good information about the area with old pictures of gunslingers and indians. I even got a bottle of some good ole Dodge City sasparilla! We packed up about lunchtime and headed out to Colorado. We had dinner at the La Aztec in La Junta Colorado and one of those places that only takes cash. I had spaghetti noodles on a Mexican plate for the first time. The waitress asked if I wanted any tortillas and when I declined, she looked at me funny and replied, "Are you sure?" So I did what anyone would do in that situation, I changed my mind and got those tortillas!

Well, i've spent almost an hour on this post and I am worn out (ask they say). Either myself of Lisa will take up where I left off next time...


Anonymous said...

We are enjoying your updates! Sounds like a good journey!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun! I couldn't be more envious. :) Thanks for letting us all come along vicariously!!

Miss you both!