Sunday, July 20, 2008

Packing continues

By the grace of God, Emily's car died about 20 minutes after she got on the road last night and was forced to come back and stay with us. She got off about 9:15am this morning and made it home ok. Mom is supposed to be coming down this afternoon to help with the final push.

The ice machine that we put in 2 days ago has quit working and I haven't made an appt. with the carpet cleaner to come after we've moved out.

When we got back from a Roly Poly lunch, we were greeted with helicopters and police at all entrances to our subdivision. All our neighbors were outside the "what the h*** is going on?" face. Me being as nosy as I am had to go down to the house where 3 cop cars were parked and I had seen them lead a K9 unit into the area. When I got there I met a lady wearing an oxygen tank who happened to know what was going on.


Seems as though some people thought they could get away with an ATM driving a front end loader down the street with the ATM on it. The article pretty much sums it up, just think of my sarcasm as you read that article. People in Florida are stupid, actually, I take that back, not all people in FL are stupid, I have relatives in the state. But watch the headlines of news tickers and the majority of silly crimes committed come from our great state of Florida.

Breaks over, back to work...

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Amanda said...

I heard about that bank robbery, and did you hear about the murder on Whirl A Way Trail? No I'm not kidding. It was a few houses down from Andrew. I thought ya'll lived in the "nice" part of town. Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying your first real day of traveling. Can't wait to read more. Love you guys! Amanda