Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lisa's First Post: Springfield, MO

Today we had a lovely drive from Nashville, TN to Springfield, MO. We are staying at a Days Inn tonight, which is a first for me. When you are traveling with two large dogs, you aren't exactly welcomed at the Ritz. But it is actually quite decent. . . and coming from me, that is a huge compliment. Rumor as it that I can be picky and hard to please, on occasion. But this room seems extremely clean, and is spacious. I am happy.

Staying at Brock's was wonderful, and I wish we could have spent more time there. Later, Gene will post pictures from Nashville and our drive today. We stopped in Paducah, KY, which has a neat little downtown area right on the Mississippi River. There were several museums, including the National Quilt Museum, that we could not visit because of the dogs, but they all looked pretty interesting. There was a seawall, or I suppose you would call it a riverwall in this instance, that had beautiful paintings all over it. Paducah apparently has quite a bit of historical significance, and was beginning what looked to be a fun summer festival when we passed through. Again, Gene will post the photos later.

This is my first blog entry. . . ever. Thanks for sharing this time with us. I'm off to eat some dinner.

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