Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting into the "last times" at least for a while...

Well, the last day at work for Lisa and I was Friday. The previous day about 20 or so of my co-workers and I went out to eat at the Georgia Brown Restaurant. It was nice getting to have a last meal with my co-workers. One of my coworkers is going to be in Portland around September due to her step daughter's wedding so I'll be able to see them again relatively soon. The daughter seems to be around our age and she works at Intel. Her husband to be happens to be an attorney and an environmental attorney at that. Small world huh?

I felt like a kid in middle school as I dropped off my truck at the office in Colquitt and had to call my Mom to come pick me up. But it was funny. So Mom and I met Lisa and my father down in Fowlstown. Dad had been mowing some land and when Lisa got there, she wanted to do a little mowing too. She LOVES to mow. I grew up mowing. Our yard was 2 acres and my father always had homes that were for sale that needed mowing, both with lawn mower and some with a tractor. I used to have to ride a tractor through town when our trailer wasn't available. I'm not sure if it was our tractor or older technology, but steering a tractor in high gear is not always an easy thing to do. It took constantly turning the steering wheel 90 degrees from left to right. That could have been due to loose steering column though. I haven't looked into that nor do I plan to. But I digress... Lisa loves it! We stayed a night down at my grandparent's pond house one weekend and she just mowed the whole time while I fished or walked around. She hasn't quite got the pattern down that is needed for a yard to look like it has been mowed, but she seems to have so much fun I hate to ruin it for her.

We went down to Jack Wingate's Lunker Lodge for dinner and while it isn't near what it used to be, it was a good meal and we got to spend time with my parents which is nice. We even got to talk to J.W. in the flesh which was nice.

Today has been the beginning of the 'full court press' as well call it. Lisa's BFF Emily came up from Gainesville to help and help she has been. Lisa isn't what most of us would call "a packer". She doesn't like it and has no problem letting others know how much she hates it. She is also a big fan of peanuts/popcorn; the stuffing material. Look at the passion she has for this packing material! She spoke with the guy from the UPS store and now thinks she is some expert on packing. But that is just me venting and I shouldn't do that when she isn't here to defend herself (she is getting her hair done at the moment).

It is coming along, but the time is flying by so I must go.

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Anonymous said...

You guys just left HollyCakes and I'm so sad to see you going, but it's so great that you have the courage to go chase your dreams. Fear holds so many of us back. It also does me great to see how much in love two of my favorite people are. I'm just going to be totally corny and say "Godspeed." I'm looking at so many endings right now. It'll make me happy to imagine your new beginning.You are both so great. Be happy!
Miss Holly