Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comedy of Errors

So, we are still in Alamosa, CO. Right now, I am sitting in the lobby of our "hotel," surrounded by all of our luggage and two passed out dogs. I've been sitting here for about three hours, while Gene is over at the car repair shop. We checked out of our room because they said the car would be done today, so I've been sitting here since 2 p.m.

They got the radiator and reservoir parts in this morning, and have been working to replace them. The mechanic told me that when the dealership in Tallahassee serviced my car just last week, they didn't fill up the coolant, which cause the crack in the reservoir, which cause the radiator to blow. He also says that I didn't know the coolant was low because the wiring for the signal light on the dashboard was disconnected. Hmmmm, interesting. I called up BMW in Tallahassee, and they of course have a completely different story.

Gene just called from the car repair shop and I could tell from his voice that something might be wrong. Apparently, while they fixed the car and it is running fine, they forgot to reconnect the wiring that allows you to open up the hood from under the dash, and they can't figure out another way to get the hood open. While I thought at first Gene was simply joking with me, I quickly, and sadly, realized that he was not.

I called Tallahassee BMW, and they confirmed that you have to either take off the fenders, or bust through the grills, in order to get the hood open in this situation. Gene says the mechanics have the wheels off, and the fenders are coming off. But they still might not be able to get to the mechanism. I can tell now that Gene is mad because he can hardly speak.

I hope someday we can laugh about all of this. Actually, I have laughed a little already but I think it is just deliriousness (if there is such a word) from being in Alamosa for four days now, with no car and nothing to do.

Hope all is well with all of you.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa and gene,
YIKES! A nice murder (see my previous comment)would have been so preferable to all this junk. Could you call the BMW place in Tallahassee and mention the word "Lawyer" and perhaps the word "lawsuit"? It probably wouldn't change the present circumstances but might make you feel a little better, anyway. I know it's just beyond awful to go through all of this, but it is riveting reading.
I'm glad Frampton and Finn are being good dogs, though. You're going to have to do a lot of work to make this batch of lemonade guys, but I believe you can do it!
love to you and better luck!
Miss Holly