Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nashville TN, Brock's House

We made it to Brock's house about 9:30pm CST last night. He has a really nice setup up here. He can take the street he lives on and go straight into downtown in about 1.5 miles. We got to have a few drinks at my favorite establishment here, The Flying Saucer. Next, we had to show Lisa the downtown scene where all the tourist go on the weekends. It wasn't too crowded so that was nice. Lisa has decided that she wants to learn to play the stand-up bass in a rockabilly band. A few more drinks and we headed home. Brock showed us a new series on HBO that we're looking into called Flight of the Concords. Brock knows my type of humor and this show is really funny to me. It reminds me of Tenacious D, a sketch show back in the 90s with Jack Black. A movie was released last year of the same name.

Yesterday we made it to Troy AL and our cigarette lighter went out. Usually that is no big deal, but when you're on a cross country trip and heavily reliant on your GPS, that is one piece of your car that quickly becomes important. We were told about Laney's Automotive, which was run by two guys who were nice enough to take a look at it even though they had other things more pressing than fixing a cigarette lighter. I was just glad it was a blown fuse and not the actual lighter that needed replacing.

Brock has gone to a work-related meeting, but we're meeting up afterwards for brunch. Frampton and Finn were quiet and stayed in their portable cages, that have already made that purchase worth it's weight in gold. Lisa just commented on the fact that Brock has over $300 worth of hair product in his bathroom and she could stay here a week. He had a good interior decorator. It has been good to see him and I'm sorry our stay here is going to be so short. I wish I had made more time to visit him. Hopefully he will come out with his girlfriend and we can spend more time with each other.

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