Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow day!

So today was a snow day by all meanings of the word. We heard that it was coming, but also heard that the weather folks like to jump the gun so we thought nothing about it. Then we woke up to this...

It has been very quiet around the neighborhood today. We decided to take the guys to the cemetery this afternoon and there were a surprising amount of dogs there playing. The guys just LOVED it! We took some videos of them playing, but couldn't stay out there long, you know, being 14 degrees (windchill) and all.

At this point I am still going to go to work tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I am going to try and drive or take the bus. It will take me about an hour to go 6 miles if I take the bus so I'll have to get up even earlier so we'll see...

We went out Friday night to the PCC holiday celebration. It was nice to hear a choir and remember the old songs and what I used to do as a kid in my parent's house. But it reminded me of a show you'd see on TBN. I'm just not accustomed to such a big production and while it is neat and easy on the eyes, I do enjoy a more intimate atmosphere, which this was not. Afterwards we went out for drinks at Journeys in Multnomah Village. It is such a great place that is low key, no smoking, great wine, and has this back room that we always seem to get for our party. And the servers there are so nice and we usually befriend them and they hang out with us and play games with us so that is nice.

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april said...

hey! you never know what you will find on the internets...gene in portland?
-april and herschel