Monday, October 13, 2008

Gene Miller, Jr. Has Captured the Religious Vote!

Never in history has a candidate appealed to so many people of so many different religions here in the United States! Look at these signs from around town! (And thanks to Jimbo for sending in the photo of the sign from Bainbridge!)

Let's make this happen people!

*This advertisement paid for by the League of Jewish, Over 30 But Under 32, Red-headed, Kareoke Singing, Law-practicing Woman Voter Who Is Also Married to Gene Miller, Jr. (Who says just one person can't be a league? Probably the definition of "league," if I had to guess.)

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I want to help your campaign, Gene. Iraqis are great at electioneering. After all, Saddam Hussein regularly got 100% of the vote in Iraq's elections.

So, just look the other way and leave voter turnout to me ;-)