Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Willamette River weekend

I haven't posted here in a while so I thought I would talk about what we've been doing lately. A few days ago we were invited over to Lisa's schoolmate Oday's house for soup and salad. He was a chef at a restaurant in France so being the lovers of all things food, it was a necessity that we attend. He served beet salad and split pea soup. Now before you go and say, "Gene, that's no big deal. I can do that!" I hope that Oday will come in and comment on exactly what was used in preparing this meal. I do know that the ham hocks that were used were taken from pigs that were pampered and taken to Disney for a weekend cruise on the Disney line of boats. That is how they roll up here with the piggies! After that the pigs are taken to a spa resort where they are given cucumber wraps and massaged for 4 hours. At this point, the pigs have no idea why the massaging is being performed, but who doesn't love a good rub? The last of the pampering ends with a trip to a mineral bath up in the Cascades which lasts for 24 hours. By this point the pigs' defenses have been taken down and they are willing and able to succumb.

The next day we took the dogs to the park to try and get them wet since they haven't been out in quite a while and needed a good run. Little did we know that the "shore" was mud and not sand. The dogs sank up to their bellies and were quite dirty. Lisa had a good idea to take them down to another part of the park that had pebbles down to the water. When we got there, she convinced the dogs to fight each other in the water, which they did without much hassle, and then their coats were as good as new. Lisa still says they smell of dirty water or fish or something.


Oday said...

First, is that Finn or Mick Jagger in the second photo?

Second, you're too kind Gene!! I think dinner turned out well. You didn't mention the best part: Lisa's pear-almond tart! Which I had for breakfast the next day.

And you must have researched the pig farm cuz you got it about right. The only part you missed was that the pigs are serenaded every night with Julio Iglesias ballads. Hey, it all showed up in the flavor of the hock, no?

Just one correction--it's Oday, not O'day. I only wish I were Irish ;-)

Amanda said...

The dogs look so happy!!!